Wishes coming true!

God has answered SO many prayers of our hearts during our time in the U.S. this year! We want to share some amazing follow up on my wishes from “My Grown Up Christmas List”…

A TEACHER!… We have a teacher preparing to join us in Kenya!  Grace Williams graduated from Johnson University in Knoxville in 2016 in Early Education. She heard of our need for a teacher through our video shared by her Education Department.  Realizing that she had the skill set, desire, and ability to help meet this need, God worked through her heart and circumstances to bring her to a willingness to serve with our team.  She will be teaching 3rd and 4th grade missionary kids and working with children’s ministries at our Kenyan church. I know she will be a huge blessing to our family and the rest of our team!  Please pray for Grace as she takes this step in faith to live and work in Kenya.  Grace will be raising her own support for this year.  If you would like to contribute to her financial support, click here.



An ULTRASOUND machine!… Thanks to the generous donations of several couples, a matching gift from Friends of Tenwek, and a discount given by Sonosite, we were able to purchase a new Ultrasound machine for Tenwek for use in the surgery department.  This is a new machine with fantastic imaging capabilities that will add immensely to our patient services and resident education.  The machine has arrived and is already in use at Tenwek!


Surgery team with new US


Two residents using the US for patient exam


EDUCATION for an orphan… This is always an ongoing need! As I have shared before, education is one of the BEST investments in helping vulnerable children rise above poverty and other risks. We have had many friends and church groups invest money toward our Tenwek orphan scholarship fund. Thank you! This week, Mary Taylor’s grade at school held a “Coins for Kenya” walk to raise money for a child’s school fees.  They learned about the difficulties that many children face in going to school and brought in their coins to help pay for a year of schooling for a child in Kenya.  I pray that God will move in these young hearts to know that they are a part of His story, and that even they can be used to show His love to others around the world!  If you feel led to help sponsor a child’s schooling, click here.


Mary Taylor and classmates collecting “Coins for Kenya” from the 3rd grade

Dean and orphans

High school orphans getting help with school supplies to begin second term earlier this month

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