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4 Comments on “Contact us”

  1. Dr. A. Many! I found the letter from my cousin! David and Karisa Hardin are serving with Global Outreach @ Soddo Christian Hospital in Ethiopia. I understand that he has a connection with PAACS, which is where you may have heard of them. Their fifth baby was born last November! I will bring their newsletter to work to share with you. I am excited for you and your family as ya’ll travel this road. Exciting to see God working! Mary Alice

  2. Just found their blog: Amazing what God is doing for His people!
    Mary Alice

  3. Hi heath and angela,
    I just wanted to let you all know that i think that ya’ll are doing a great job on the mission field and i was pleased with your blog posting.i think that any time that you can witness to a patient and give them the opportuntiy to know jesus that is a great thing.I hope your patients see Jesus through you and not that you will only treat them if they accept him.I met you both a while back at a missions conference my name is katie blake by the way.Are you all going to be able to come to the next missions conference at second pres? When is your next break from the missions field.If i dont talk to you all sooner have a happy thanksgiving and a merry Christmas.
    God bless
    katie blake

    • Thank you, Katie for following our family’s work. We seek to share the love of Jesus, through word and deed, with all patients that we encounter regardless of their beliefs or background. We are in the US on home assignment now, and we will be participating in the next mission conference at 2PC. Hope to see you there!

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