TOP TEN Differences in my daily life in Kenya

(By two MKs)

10.  Sleeping under mosquito nets

photo 3

9.  Having pets (so far…a dog, rabbit, 2 hamsters, and an occasional chameleon)

photo 2 IMG_1621

8.  Homeschooling

My literature group!

7.  Getting mail and PACKAGES!!

photo 1

6. Rarely driving anywhere  (We walk to school, dukas (local shops), friends’ houses, etc.)


5.  Animal on the roads (donkey, cows, sheep, goats, chickens, zebras, baboons, even lions if you’re on the Mara)


4.  Friends readily available to play with…all day, every day!

photo 2

3.  Climbing trees


2.  Going barefoot


1.  Being together more as a family and eating lunch together every day!


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