Welcome to our website!  Our family is embarking on a great adventure, and through this site, we will share our journey with you.

In Spring of 2014, we will be moving to Kenya to serve as long term medical missionaries at Tenwek Hospital.  The pages on this site will further explain the who, why, and how of what we are doing.  Please check it out to learn more!  Once in Kenya, we will use this site to post more about our daily life and experiences.  Our hope is to help you connect to God’s work in the world.

Thank you for your interest and stay tuned for future posts.

4 Comments on “Welcome!”

  1. Awesome! Will definitely miss you! There is nothing more rewarding than serving God by serving others!

  2. Congratulations on this exciting decision. My son Jessee has been to Zimbabwe twice on medical and service missions and got to go to Kenya at the end of one. He has friends in Kenya and we will certainly be joining you as prayer partners. Look forward to seeing your successes. Jama

  3. I’m very grateful that you are doing this mission work. Your faith must be very strong. The people of Kenya will be very lucky to have you.

  4. Thanks again Heath for your decision to serve Christ in this way. You will truly be missed but I know the people of Kenya need you more than we. Please post often and visit when you can.

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